Saoud Nuseirat Chairman

Welcome to the company’s website, The website represents a linking point between the company and the service recipient, where the company is always committed to continuous development and evolution, in order to increase the means of communication with citizens; especially in solving the user complaints.

 Comprehensive Multiple Transportation Company is shouldering responsibility in satisfying and meeting customer needs; in addition to providing them with a premium transport service. CMTC is a complementary part of the kingdom’s transport system, where it mostly operates in Amman due to the population density; which drove the company to increase its transport fleets and provide equipped buses that ensure citizens of having the best bus traveling experience.

Moayad Abu Fardeh General Manager

We are honoured to meet you through the electronic portal of the Comprehensive Multiple Transportation Company, we aim to increase communication with the users , our company operate equipped buses with high efficiency in terms of performance ,equipment  that fit all operational conditions , CMTC applied the most advanced level of technology in public transportation in terms of tracking systems to ensure the time of trips ,arrival, departure  ,starting and ending points ,Bus stops ,or through -pre-paid cards to facilitate the process on the users .we have provided the website with a map that show all the routes in addition to the service of receiving feedback from the users to ensure the work within the highest standards and performance .We look forward to meeting all client needs by providing them with the best means and ways of comfort .