Office of the General Manager

Our company is characterized by providing services in a very high -quality &Technology with the ease of the payment process, in addition to the accurate routes and its frequencies, which is compatible with the level of public transport globally, our aim is to provide the best service for the community and the citizens.

Financial Department 

Financial department is responsible for proposing, developing policies, systems, procedures and accounting /financial instructions in addition to supervise the implementation after the approval by the board of directors, with the purpose of maintaining the assets and funds of the company as well as the compliance in implementing all the required policies and regulations.

Financial Department sections:

  • Accounting section
  • Warehouse section
  • Procurement section
  • Operation sector
  • Sorting sector

Design & development department


It combines between designing and developing informations that impact on media and its influence on people; visual and audio-visual ones; through media channels to ensure that the right message will reach the target audience.

Our mission:

Enhance and develop the company through finding effective visual solutions as well challenging the productivity of the company and its entire projects.

Our vision:

Achieving the full possibilities for visual solutions and creativity in problem solving; in addition to the department’s focus on effective communication through encouraging the community on creating new ideas and strategies in development and productive growth.

HR Department


Human Recourses comprises of the following sections :Personnel affairs, Payroll ,hiring and training .Human resources manage and direct all the personnel affairs in terms of  evaluation , days off and performance of employees with the follow up of the social security for each employee according to the labour law , they are also responsible in calculating the salaries after collecting the required informations  , In addition to their role in ensuring the technical and administrative cadres that all departments and sectors need , HR department seeks to achieve the highest level of productivity as well as providing qualified manpower with an outstanding performance .

Engineering Department 


The engineering department is responsible of the sustainability, continuity and maintenance of bus fleet , in order to provide the best service for the citizens , this department is also concerned in safety and security requirements  such as :providing fire extinguishers, validity of tires  and steering systems ; in addition to its mission in allowing channels of communication with operations department and many other departments through maintenance teams that are located in several field locations.

Censorship Department


Censorship department takes responsibility in controlling field operations and maintaining buses paths, revenues, controlling the frequencies of the operated routes ,in addition to their daily check and control of the drivers behaviour and their supervisors by our confidential team ,as well as their responsibility in communicating regularly with citizens to satisfy all their needs.

Auditing Section


Regarding CMTC’S role in developing and enhancing Public Transport sector in the kingdom’s ;internal auditing section was founded to ensure and control all the internal operations and applying corporate governance rules .Auditing section intent to achieve the highest degrees of transparency ,objectivity and interconnection inside the company’s sections that achieve  policies ,goals ,and procedures to protect the company’s assets and shareholders through the following :Financial audit, administrative audit, maintaining the safety and accuracy of the informations and data in addition to its availability at the right time ,ensure that all departments are under regulations and administrative policies that are given by the board of directors .

Security & Safety Department

Many missions are offered by public safety and security department such as; protecting the company’s property and assets that are distributed over the four sites of the company plus protecting the company’s employees by covering all the company’s locations by external cameras with the regular follow -up from the security ,as well tracking all the movements of the company’s portals in addition to fixing all these movements into records ,public safety and security department comprises of different sections just as :Security of four sites of the company -external cameras section-public safety section- money collector section – Funds transfer .