Who we are ?

 Welcome to our Leading Public Transportation Company  ,CMTC  is proud to offer special services  for passengers  by providing them a modern transport fleet and comfortable trips .

Our company provides Bus fleet that consists of 600 buses; Approximately 250 of them are distributed to 43 lines inside and outside the borders of Amman.

According to this large Bus fleet, the company covers most of the west and east regions in Amman and other regions in the southern part of the capital, in addition to its capacity of Transport that reaches around 70,000 citizens per day including routes that serve 60 percent of university students.

Comprehensive Multiple Transportation Company comprises of four companies ; Three of them are specialized in passenger Transport  : Al –Thelal  for passenger transport , Asia Company for Transportation and Investment, Al Tawfeeq company for Transportation and Investment  , on the other hand Comprehensive Smart Cards Company  is responsible for collecting wages through the pre-paid card system .

Our Company’s capital reaches 15 million JOD, 82% belong to the Government of The Hashemite kingdom of Jordan and Greater Amman Municipality.


Comprehensive Multiple Transportation Company employ its full operational capacities to Transport passengers in their work place ; By creating the flexibility in directing and operating Buses to perform the service in accordance to the Peak Hours that differ from a location to another; which led to an  increment  in the ratio  of the Public transportation services that reaches approximately  80 percent from the overall transportation services inside the boarders of Amman ; However the operational and administrative costs for the company and its subsidiaries exceed all the costs that other operators take responsibility for in Public Transportation, Whereas the company operates its buses depending on all required systems and  programs in order to monitor  movements and performances of the buses, Besides the financial , administrative and technical control systems that ensure the highest degree of accuracy and credibility with official, external and private parties .

Operational Excellence:

Due to the professionality of the company , CMTC takes responsibility in operating public transport buses inside the capital Amman; in compliance with the contracts between the company and its subsidiaries with the GAM and Land Ttransport Commission , CMTC operates on all its lines  as the rest of the operation companies in the kingdom ;Where there is no governmental protection or privileges enjoyed by the company.

Decisions with a material impact:

A-Government decisions concerning Fuel prices during 2015 have had an impact on the sales cost, Especially the diesel substance used for buses which represent the biggest role from the operational charges.

B-Government’s decision of reducing Public Transportation wages as a result of the decrease in Fuel Prices.

C- A plan was approved under the prime minister decision for rescuing the company from any dangers of liquidation or Bankruptcy, it was approved upon the following resolutions:

  • Financial and operational support to the company
  • An approval of restructuring the company’s Capital.
  • Exempting the company from all its debts that are owed to the Government, GAM, and the strategic contributor Nicola Abu Khader with an amount of 150 Thousand JOD.
  • Approving on restructuring the routes of the company and reconsidering its wages.

In the future, The Company is seeking to implement international quality standards.

Company Risks   :

  • Strike of staff particularly drivers, supervisors and technicians who represent the majority of the company .
  • Lack of licensed drivers that drive passenger buses in order to manage the company’s activity , in addition to the difficulty in finding technicians that are fully specialized in the maintenance needed for buses .
  • A Failure from debtors in meeting their financial obligations to the Company which causes financial difficulty and inability to facilitate the company’s work .
  • Prioritize the company in providing Transportation service for all the routes ,in addition to facilitating the routes regularly and continuously at the expense of the operating ratio of the buses per trip ;which impact negatively on the revenue.
  • The absence of censorship by the official stakeholders of public transportation in the Kingdom’s; caused an infringement on the routes that the company has the right to operate ,which also led to decrease the daily revenue of the company .
  • Traffic congestion on most streets and narrow roads, and the lack of parking lots that are allocated for public transport which impact on the performance of buses and revenues of the company.
  • Prices of Fuel, spare parts requirements and maintenance supplies are Higher than the wages approved by the government entities, Hence the company continues to incur successive losses.
  • Difficult weather conditions that impact directly on the revenues resulted from operating the buses.


A-The company held many meetings through committees to study all operational, administrative and financial status, where the major part of these committees were held by his excellency the Minister of Transport; moreover the company’s situation was presented to the economic development committee to support it.

B-The company obtained a plan that is approved under the decision of the prime minister in order to rescue the company; which indicates the following resolutions:

  • Approval on restructuring the company’s capital through extinguishing losses of 23.5 million JOD. Thus, re-increasing it to 8.5 million JOD; For the new capital of the company to be 15 Million JOD.
  • The company obtained operational financial support with the amount of 1.975 million JOD for the Years : 2016,2017,2018 and about 1.5 million JOD for the subsequent years in addition to the consideration of the estimated increase.
  • commissioning both; LTRC & GAM to negotiate with the company in order to restructure the routes that the buses work on.
  • Surrendering both the Jordanian government & GAM on all the restricted receivables in the company records; in addition to the waive of 150 Thousand JOD by the strategic partner Abu Khader-Group.