Signing a new contract with the German Jordanian University

 Comprehensive Multiple Transportation Company and German Jordanian University have signed a three- year contract to Transfer University Students From the capital Amman to the Headquarters of the University in Madaba governorate, Regarding this contract CMTC will ensure the transfer of approximately one thousand students daily to the university’s headquarters in Madaba by using our equipped buses that provide the most comfortable, bus traveling experience .The contract was signed by the chairman of the board of CMTC His Excellency Saoud Nsairat ,Deputy chairman ,Deputy mayor of Amman Hazem Neimat and the General Manager Dr. Moayad Abu Fardah ,as well as Dr.Natheem. Abu Abeed representing German Jordanian University.

The General Manager Dr. Moayad Abu Fardah confirmed in the Press Announcement that this new contract represent a model for successful partnership between the public and the private sector .Where a large number of citizens will prefer using CMTC buses instead of using their own vehicles, which will contribute on alleviating the traffic and reducing fuel consumption. Dr.Moayad Abu fardah added that a new service has been introduced to the University students through a shuttle route called Yala  nraweh ,where the company provides every half an hour a bus on a route  that starts from the seventh Circle and ends in Madaba governorate, In addition to launching new routes from different locations in Amman and other Kingdom’s governorates to the headquarters of the University .The General Manager also pointed that this new contract will allow the company to use all its buses on different routes in the purpose of transferring GJU university students and  to ensure the participants of the continuity & non –failure of the service , he also added that the CMTC and the GJU agreed on giving the students training courses for those who are specialized in logistics . He indicated as well that it is a part of our responsibility in serving our local communities .Dr. Moayad Abu Fardah assured the University’s presidency that the company is keen on providing all the modern and comfortable means of Transportation to meet the student needs ,in addition to the training and educating courses that are given to the drivers through private programs in cooperation with the Jordanian Drivers Union   .