Prime Minister Dr.Omar Al Razaz inaugurates 65 new buses for Public Transportation in Amman.                                                                                                                                                     


Dr.Omar Al Razaz stated that public transportation is the lifeblood in transferring inside the cities and that the government is responsible in resolving the sector issues in order to provide citizens the best service.

He also added during the inauguration on Tuesday (the launch of the Comprehensive Multiple Transportation Company of 65 new Buses) ,which is equipped with the latest technical and international specifications That; it is the time for the Transportation sector to take its role in development ,He explained as well that  the launching of 65 new buses represents a qualitative leap in developing public transportation, He also added that new steps will be followed for the future in order to improve the transportation system .

The Engineer Chairman of the board of CMTC  Saoud Nsairat stated during the ceremony of the inauguration that the buses will be operated on the internal routes in Amman on Tuesday; pointing as well that the buses are equipped with advanced technology such as :collecting wages through cards and  its tracking systems, He added as well that the number of buses will be increased to 200 ; in cooperation with GAM at the end of this year; in which the number will be increased to (400-500) by the beginning of 2020.