Yallah Nwafer

Comprehensive Multiple Transportation Company had restructured all its buses that head to Jordanian University & Hashemite University from all over the capital in order to save Time & money from the students.

New routes have been added in the purpose of saving time from the students and accelerate their arrival to their Universities, In addition to providing new routes to transfer students from Raghadan a(l Mahatta terminal)  to Abu Nsair /Dahyet Al Rasheed and the University of Jordan with a fee that is no more than 45.

The aim of (restructure) is reducing the cost of using multiple modes of transport , in addition to reduce transportation fees which will help the student to save more than 6 JD’s monthly .

CMTC provided the following routes for Universities :Al Muqabalain /University of Jordan –Khrebat Al-souq/ University of Jordan –sahab /University of Jordan / Al Teeba region/Hashemite University –Sahab/Hashemite University ;The duration between each Bus takes 10 minutes.